Farratges la Noguera

Since 1974 Mr.. Jaime Estrada Torres started in the world of alfalfa, renting land and growing ever more volume and the volume of machinery wages up to the end of 1991, when the company was created FARRATGES ESTEPA SL along with his wife Natividad Palou Garriga. This company is engaged in the sale and leasing of alfalfa land.


The need to create another company, FARRATGES LA NOGUERA SL as factory alfalfa dehydrator, initiating activity in 2000, emerged as a marriage initiative Estrada Palou as should the transformation through a process of dehydration, which is the final destination as animal consumption. Once the alfalfa is collected, it is transported to the factory and has gone through the process of dehydration, it's time for the storage marketing.


This is where comes the creation of a third company, ALFESPA COMERCIAL, SL intended purpose. FARRATGES LA NOGUERA  S.L. Testing is producing farms that lease FARRATGES ESTEPA SL, which owns all the machinery needed to harvest the product until it reaches the factory. In conclusion, other companies are a family business that has grown and where it had to be creating these different companies because evolution has been asking for. From the first contact with the ground until the sale of the dehydrated product, is not to hand over any of the companies Mr. Ms. Estrada. Palou.